About Fortress Mouthguards

Fortress Mouthguards are custom-made and professionally-fitted to ensure a high level of comfort and protection. They consist of a tough layer of acrylic which is finished with multiple layers of laminate to add strength and durability.

Fortress mouthguards offer the following benefits:

  • Protection of the lips, teeth and jaw from most collision-induced injury
  • Minimal interference to speaking and breathing even under demanding conditions
  • Multi-layered laminate for extra protection
  • Custom fit offers good retention and comfort

Sizes Available

A range of mouthguard types are available to suit your required level of protection. 

FORTRESS LIGHT Double-laminated for good all-round coverage Juniors 4-6mm
FORTRESS MEDIUM Double-laminated for good all-round coverage Majority of team sports, junior to senior 4-7mm
FORTRESS HEAVY Triple-laminated layers over 70% of the mouthguard High-impact contact sports, A-grade level 4-8mm


Custom Colour Options

Fortress Mouthguards combine premium strength with a fantastic, comprehensive range of team colour combinations.


Plain Colours


Flurescent Colours


Pearl Colours

Please note: Actual colours may vary


Team Logos

Race Dental Laboratory can print your team or sponsor logo on your mouthguard - a great way to raise extra sponsorship dollars! Please speak to one of our dentists for more information. Additional charges may apply.